Helpful Eczema Resources

Helpful Eczema Resources

The following websites are helpful resources if you want to learn more about eczema, review practical tips for eczema care, and join support networks for parents and children navigating the challenges of eczema.


American Academy of Dermatology Association

  • dedicated section on childhood eczema that reviews many important topics such as managing childhood eczema, itch relief, skin care for eczema, eczema triggers and related health concerns 
  • check out their page on eczema triggers for some helpful tips


Healthy Children

  • their eczema section is written by a pediatric dermatologist and provides a great overview of eczema in babies and children
  • check out their video: “Does my child have eczema?”


National Eczema Association

  • an organization dedicated to creating a supportive eczema community with helpful information on eczema, videos/podcasts/blogs about eczema from peers and experts, and a whole section on eczema research and advocacy
  • check out their Teens and Eczema, Parenting and Eczema, and Mental and Emotional Well Being sections


Nemours Kids Health

  • helpful overview page about eczema with additional pages for parents, kids, and teens such as “Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin” and “Laundering Your Baby’s Clothes”


The Society for Pediatric Dermatology 

  • check out their Patient Education Videos section for some great videos that provide a good overview on eczema, gentle skin care, and sunscreen




Want to turn learning about eczema into a fun story time with your child? 

Check out our children's book: Biscuit's Eczema Journey





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