About Us

Our Story

Carabie was founded in 2023 by a pediatrician with a goal - to create a happier, healthier future for our little ones and the planet, one cuddly friend at a time. With love and dedication we make snuggly companions that help to raise awareness of the health challenges many children face every day. Our stuffed animals are meant to provide companionship so children feel seen and understood. We are committed to making high-quality, sustainable, and non-toxic products that promote health and well-being.


Our Mission

Imagine a world where child health and well-being is a priority. We have made this our mission. 

Each product purchased:
  1. donates 3% of proceeds to organizations and initiatives that promote child health
  2. raises awareness of common health challenges faced by children around the world and promotes belonging 
  3. is manufactured using non-toxic, earth friendly, safe and sustainable materials


A Note From the Founder

As a pediatrician, I've witnessed the emotional toll a medical diagnosis can have on a child and their family. I want to address this by supporting children on their health journeys, promoting health inclusivity in our every day lives through toys and stories. Carabie was created to inspire kindness, empower minds, and nurture hearts, because every child deserves a childhood filled with love, play, and laughter. 

We are so happy you are here! Thank you for taking the time to read about us!