Social Impact

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Inclusive Design 

Our products go beyond being just toys; they are companions and stories designed to empower children, encourage resilience, and provide comfort to children. We are passionate about promoting health inclusivity with our products serving as wonderful educational tools that are perfect for informative play and nurturing connections while raising awareness of common health challenges face by many children on a daily basis. 


Ethical and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Carabie is committed to ethical manufacturing practices, partnering with fair trade manufacturers to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also ethically produced. We prioritize environmentally friendly, non-toxic, sustainable products and packaging such as GOTS certified organic cotton and FSC certified paper. 


giving back

Giving Back

3% of the proceeds from every purchase are donated to initiatives that promote child health and well-being. #everybuddygivesback

Our donations will be given to these organizations in 2024: 


1. Children's Health Fund

Dedicated to ensuring access to high-quality healthcare for underserved children across the United States. Through mobile medical clinics and innovative programs, they provide comprehensive medical care, dental services, and mental health support to vulnerable youth, promoting their health and well-being regardless of their socio-economic status.

2. Healthy Schools Campaign

Committed to transforming schools into healthy environments where all students can thrive. Through advocacy, policy initiatives, and educational programs, they promote nutritious meals, physical activity, clean air, and safe spaces in schools nationwide. Their efforts aim to empower students to lead healthier lives and achieve academic success.

3. Action Against Hunger

A global humanitarian organization combating hunger and malnutrition in over 45 countries. They provide lifesaving assistance, such as emergency food aid, clean water, and nutrition programs, while also addressing the root causes of hunger through sustainable solutions like agricultural training and community empowerment. Their mission is to save lives and build resilience in vulnerable communities facing food insecurity.


In addition, we donate some of our products to health organizations and educational centers in North America.